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Live Q&A Webinar Recording (Jan 27th): How To Use GPT-3 Correctly To Create Highly Effective Ads

Live Webinar January 27th 2023 Recording:

Welcome to Adline’s weekly Q&A call where we do questions and answers about everything regarding Adline, effective advertising strategies in general and important analytics insights to digest.

Special guest on today’s webinar; Wassili Birbilis, Serial Entrepreneur & Co-Founder at Builderall Europe.

Wassili showed us how he is using GPT-3 to create highly effective ads using the right inputs or “prompts”.

Key Takeaways

  • How to give the right inputs to GPT-3 to get the best ad copy generated.
  • Give GPT-3 the right inputs such as primary pain point, solution, and offer.
  • How to get more & better ad copy examples from the AI.
  • Why highly effective ads are not enough in themselves (you need a bulletproof funnel & follow-up system).

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