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Live Q&A Webinar Recording (Jan 6th): Buyer-Intent Keywords, Picking A Niche, AI Video Ads

Highlights from the webinar on January 6th, 2023:

On Today’s call, we had Kieren on from Australia and Eli from New Jersey, US. Kieren is the CEO of Kombo Enterprises, where he owns a grass installation company and scaling it using a franchise model. We are analyzing his campaign live and breaking it down into a few key takeaways, including using keywords with buying intent to generate more leads and a few tips on remarketing. See the webinar for examples.

Eli is the Founder of Digikor Media, and we also analyzed his campaign live and came up with a few suggestions, such as honing in on a niche to make the ads and targeting more relevant.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use keywords with buying intent to get more conversions (add terms such as “cost”, “price”, “for sale” etc.)
  • Keyword research tools: and to analyze competitors.
  • Even though you can sell your product/service globally, you should pick a niche – either location-based or industry-focused – and hone in on that niche to make your ads more targeted, especially if you operate in a competitive market.
  • Bonus tip from Eli at Digikor Media: Use to create AI videos that you can use for your ads:

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