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Live Q&A Webinar Recording (Jan 13th): Analyzing Danny’s Campaign Strategy & Click Fraud

Live Webinar January 13th 2023 Recording:

Welcome to Adline’s weekly Q&A call where we do questions and answers about everything regarding Adline, effective advertising strategies in general and important analytics insights to digest.

On Today’s call, we’re also having a very special guest; Danny Jurmann, professional magician and entertainer from the UK. He’s the owner and founder of We are analyzing Danny’s campaign live, breaking down the good and the bad. We found several improvements that I’m sure will increase his ROI going forward.

Q: How far are you with LinkedIn ads?

A: LinkedIn ads has been a frequently asked feature that we have on our roadmap, and we have planned this integration later in 2023 depending on customer feedback. We’ve had LinkedIn before but the API integration was not complete on LinkedIn’s side so we then postponed it until LinkedIn was done with their integration.

Q: Is there an option for sending reports to clients?

A: It is. In the top-right corner there’s a slightly hidden function called Notifications. When you toggle this on, you will start sending weekly to the customer. I’ll find an example here on how it looks like. This weekly report will summarize the campaign and send it to you on email. The report is sent out every week and displays the last seven days and highlights the website statistics.

Q: How do Adline address Click Fraud?

A: We are frequently testing new software and additional plugins that we install on our master account, and this will then benefit all ad accounts connected to Adline. We’ve used before.

Analyzing Danny Jurmann’s ad campaign: 5 key improvements

Danny Jurmann runs ads to generate leads and bookings for a wedding magician gig.

His campaign has not performed very well in the past few months. So today we are going to break down the good and the bad with his campaign, and suggest improvements that will improve Danny’s campaign performance.

Key takeaways:

  • Expand the target audience a bit: Danny is targeting specific locations in the UK such as Aldershot and Camberley, together with specific interest groups and age group. We decided to remove all interest groups because the age, female and location are already very narrow.
  • Create more compelling and informative Facebook headlines: New audiences don’t know who Red Hat Magic is, so we need headlines that are more informative. I got some suggestions from Chat GPT-3.
  • Set up a few A/B-tests: Examples in the recording.
  • Run a Google search campaign towards buying-intent keywords.
  • Run a remarketing campaign: People do not convert on the first visit. They need to be reminded. 
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