We will build you a tailored advertising strategy that shows how your business can attract, arouse interest and convert 10x more new customers without increasing your current advertising budget. Answer 10 questions and receive the strategy.

170 leads generated in 30 days

Attract the target audience

Social media exists to entertain and inform people. No one is on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin or Google to be "sold to". Therefore, you need to attract your target audience from consuming media by hitting their nerves and then encouraging them to take action.

Awaken interest

Once you have captured the attention of your target audience, the landing page must have a clear message that arouses the target audience's interest. The message encourages you to raise your hand and say "I need your service".


All interested parties will be sent to the conversion page. Here, the target group is presented with an irresistibly tempting offer. Some will leave you from here due to. too little time, uncertainties or other objections. Careful follow-up of everyone who has shown interest is therefore required. Sales-oriented newsletters and remarketing play a key role in removing all objections.

Accelerate customer growth

  • We perform thorough analyzes of your marketing.
  • Identify key areas for revenue loss in your current advertising.
  • Build a tailored plan to generate more new customers and increased top line.

Complete sales funnel

With the help of a complete sales funnel, we will build awareness in your market as well as teach your target group about the benefits of your services, and then follow up until the target group makes a purchase decision. Traffic becomes leads, and leads to customers.

"Marketing can not create a demand. Marketing can only seek out hopes, dreams, fears and desires that already exist."

Nicolai Vedvik

Head Of Services

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