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We are working hard to develop Adline with new features.
Here is what we plan to develop and launch in the next six months.
Please give us some comments on what you think we should consider.

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Turns your website into an easy-to-read, analytics dashboard that actually make you wiser.
We made it even easier for agencies to use Adline for their clients.
AppSumo Launch
August 25th, we launch a worldwide campaign with Appsumo.
SEP - 2022
Improved Signup
To improve the user experience we want to remove the email confirmation and CC from the Sign Up Flow.
SEP - 2022
Page performance
Uncover pages that are involved in the customer journey toward the goal you select.
SEP - 2022
Journey aggregator
Uncover the most popular paths your visitors take to convert.
OCT - 2022
See where different marketing activities overlap and generate conversions.
OCT - 2022
Improved reports
August 25th we launch a world wide campaign with Appsumo.
Advertise on the world's largest video channel. Depending on customers' needs.
MAR - 2023
Google Shopping ads
Take your e-commerce site to a new level with shopping ads. Depending on customers' needs.
See the conversion rate between each event, and how your events perform over time.
Affiliate Program
Become an Adline affiliate and get true profit sharing.

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AUG - 2022
Get $20 in credit
We give $20 in advertising credit to all that, insert our script.
SEP - 2022
Ad performance
Uncover ads that are involved in the customer journey toward the goal you select.
SEP - 2022
Channel performance
Nothing is wasting your resources more than focusing on the wrong channels.
SEP - 2022
UTM performance
Create UTM’s for all your outbound activities and measure the performance of all of your digital marketing.
OCT - 2022
Keyword wizard
Discover the best keywords, both organic and paid.
OCT - 2022
Facebook Lead Ad
Generate leads directly from Facebook. Depending on customers' needs.
JAN - 2023
Snapchat ads
A new channel where you can reach a younger audience. Depending on customers' needs.
AUGUST - 2023