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“8 Simple Elements To Increase ROI Without Spending More

Based on findings from 400+ businesses in 19 countries.

In this ebook, you’ll learn 8 simple and effective strategies including…


Dear business owner,

Over the past three years, we’ve been working with over 400 businesses in 19 different countries and in many different industries, and collectively spent some million dollars on ads.

Some of them failed again and again, and many of them succeeded substantially with their online advertising.

… we’ve compiled all the dos and the donts in this 8-step framework to profitable ads.

Why reinvent the wheel?

… when you can just copy/paste.

In this ebook, I’ll reveal the 8 critical elements I’ve seen again and again in every business, regardless what industry they were in, whether health and fitness, SaaS or hardware, consultancies or restaurants that made them succeed OR fail with their ads.

Many of these businesses were able to increase conversions and grow their revenue without spending more money. I.e. increase their return on investment (ROI).

This ebook is about how you can make every single advertising dollar count more. So that you will stop overpaying for unprofitable ads for good, but rather increase your ROI.

You’ll also discover that you don’t have to be an ad expert, or spend thousands of dollars to build something that works. Additionally, we’ll give you a few tried and tested templates as well as tools that will enable you to create better ads quicker and easier.

By implementing these principles and elements you’ll ensure that your advertising campaigns produce a higher ROI on a predictable basis.

Ready? Let’s get started.

About The Author

Carl-Wilhelm Vedvik is the COO & Co-Founder at, a venture-backed SaaS company within the MarTech space. Adline focuses on simplifying advertising and analytics to help SMBs acquire customers on profitable terms. Carl-Wilhelm has led the company through multiple funding rounds of a total of $1.8M. Prior to co-founding Adline, Carl was a Growth Marketing Consultant at multiple agencies helping SMBs grow their business online.


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