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S1E4 #SMBAdvertising: Why You Should Set Your Ads On Autopilot

Welcome to “Helping 1,000,000 SMBs advertise like a professional”! Our aim with this series is to inspire, educate and help you succeed with ads.

In this episode: 5 reasons why SMBs will get a much higher ROI by automating the advertising.

  1. Humans get tired and make errors, machines work 24/7 and do as instructed without any deviation. Paying humans to optimize your ads is also expensive.
  2. Optimizing your ads manually is time-consuming. As a business owner, you have lots of other important stuff to prioritize. Save money by using algorithms to optimize your ad budget according to performance.
  3. Many businesses just divide their ad budget in two; 50% Google and 50% Facebook… But that allocation isn’t necessarily the best. Algorithms are able to determine the best possible allocation.
  4. You will have more time and resources to produce content that is much better, and that again, will perform a lot better!
  5. You’ll get rid of that feeling you’re spending precious advertising budget on ads that just don’t perform.

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