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S1E9 #SMBAdvertising: Technology that simplifies an already complex world

Today we are speaking with Ex Google Director, Lars Bratsberg! In this episode we asked Lars three important questions surrounding technology for small and medium sized businesses!

Question 1: Where do you see technology going? What are the biggest benefits and the biggest challenges?

Technology is going faster than ever. Technology is linked. It speaks to each other, hence the expression Internet of Things. IoT has become so common that sectors have emerged. You probably have heard of Software as a service or Platform as a Service. Adline is a platform as a service. But when things and services start communicating together within a specific sector you will see visions like Mobility as a service. You have all the apps that handle some sort of mobility, e-scooters, cars, parking, bus tickets. The vision for many sectors is that all of these works together and creates a seamless experience for the user. I think that is where we as consumers will see and feel this the most. These visions within sectors coming alive.

The biggest benefit comes to the user. Technology that solves a big pain for the user or consumer will get traction. When that pain is solved by tech and the pain is big enough to scale – it is a win win for the user or consumer and the people running the service. Just like Adline.

The biggest challenge is legislation. The laws and regulations in this space is lagging behind – and tech is scaling faster than ever. Legislation is playing catch up and we need to have trust that tech is for good and not evil. Within this you have GDPR, Data storage geographically, data security and how your data is being preserved, used or sold to 3rd parties.

Question 2: If you were running an SME today, what are the top 3 technologies or softwares you would implement in your SME today?

  1. Analytics tool: you need to be data driven. Collect your data in one tool and let them lead you to taking data driven decisions.
  2. Ads platform: you need to be found and discover how to reach your audience digitally
  3. An CRM solution to scale your outbound activities to take care of all people who interacted with your ad or converted to something.

Question from Adline customer: 

Is it possible to pinpoint one singular thing that I as a small company should be doing on Google in 2022, in terms of becoming more visible? 

If you want to know more about Lars, buy his book (which I can thoroughly recommend) or find out more about what Lars is currently working on by connecting with him on LinkedIn. Link to his profile and the links to  this episode are posted below . Lars also founded the growth tribe academy which is aimed at helping you and your team get ahead with skills in Growth Marketing, Data Analytics, UX Design and more.

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