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S1E1 #SMBAdvertising: How to succeed with your ads in 2022

Today we are talking with Carl-Wilhelm, COO and CO Founder at Adline about the 5 most important things that a small business should be focusing on in terms of advertising in 2022?

✅ Before you start advertising, make sure you have a compelling offer. Your offer is separate from your product. Package your product into a compelling offer that includes e.g. good payment terms, a guarantee, a bonus and maybe a time-limited discount.

✅ Create original ad content (you don’t need fancy product pictures etc.). It’s enough with iphone pictures/videos or screenshots of your software or course or whatever it is.

✅ Publish many, many variations! The more ads you create, the more luck you will have. Create 20 ads, and 2 of them will stand for 80% of your results.

✅ Know your audience. Find the keywords they’re using, the newspapers, brands they follow on FB/IG.

✅ Know your metrics. CTR determines how efficient your ads are. Bad CTR means you need to improve your ad copy or targeting.How much more traffic do you have? And is it converting?

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