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S1E8 #SMBAdvertising: Growing your community on Instagram – How to grow your Instagram

Growing your Instagram following organically, you’ll generate real followers who are actually interested in you, your brand and what you have to say. They’ll be eager to see your newest post, watch your Stories daily and participate in any polls or engagement stickers you use.

Instagram helps give your business a personal touch through visuals, so it’s important to bolster your community as best you can for continued growth and interaction from your audience.

Top tips from Joel

  1. Longs posts are okay! Those that are interested will read and like – mix it up and do not just use short posts.
  2. Data! Use the data in the analytics dashboard – this is very useful for trial and error.
  3. Tie into awareness days. There are literally hundreds of days (internationally) that have different awareness days which can be key to present in your instagram. 
  4. Use Hashtags.
  5. Be consistent!
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