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S1E15 #SMBAdvertising: Ads not working? This is what you need to implement

First of all, you need to check where the bottleneck is; start looking at your impressions and work yourself down to clicks and conversions…

1) Are your ads generating few to no impressions?
Has your ads been disapproved by FB or Google?
Is your ad budget over $10 dollars a day?
Check if you’ve added interest groups and keywords
Check if locations and demographics looks good

2) Getting lots of impressions but no clicks?
There’s a high chance that your ad didn’t evoke any response from the audience you’re targeting.
If that is the case, you need to test new angles and new messages.
Chances are that the message/offer is not aligned with your target audience.
Recreate a campaign with new ads and test new messaging and new creatives.

3) Getting lots of clicks but no conversions?
If your ads are receiving many clicks, it’s a very positive signal of market interest!
But if these people are abandoning when they hit your landing page this means they are no longer interested.
This is probably due to a mismatch or crash between your ads and your landing page.
Make sure the messaging and the look/feel is consistent between your ads and your landing page and then test again, and again, and again, until conversions start to drip in.
Last thing; Do not change anything until you’ve gotten 100 clicks to your site, anything less than that is too little.
To summarise;

Advertising is more science than it is art. Create and publish new tests and monitor the metrics and tweak until you get impressions, clicks and conversions. Begin with impressions, then clicks and then conversions.

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