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S1E3 #SMBAdvertising: 80/20 in your advertising & is Facebook dead?

How do you actually go about analysing your advertising campaign? How do you know what you have to improve? How can you use data, or information to further improve your campaigns?

There’s always going to be a hidden growth lever in your advertising somewhere.

You just need to look at your advertising with 80/20 eyes on 😎

✅ 80% of your advertising results come from 20% of your ad efforts.

✅ This truth is in every variable you look at.

✅ For instance, 80% of your clicks come from 20% of your ads.

✅. Drill down in almost every metric and see this.

✅. Look at the # of conversions by locations and focus only on the top 20% cities, counties or countries.

✅ Take your 80/20 glasses on and create new ads based upon your top 20% ads.

<< Maybe it’s not exactly 80%, but the point is that the majority of your results always come from the minority of your efforts. >>

Question: Is Facebook dead?

Answer: Good question. Facebook still has a huge user base – 2.89 billion recorded. Everyone that you know, everyone they know and most likely every that they know have a user on Facebook. It is the platform that has the most sustainable user base across all age group – You can reach whoever you want.

Question: Are Facebook ads for B2B?

Answer: Yes, it is. B2B is also human to human – you can reach whoever you want to. Facebook is all about reaching new people and attracting them to your service or product. You may not get “conversions” immediately but you can start to nurture that lead until they are in a stage where they are ready to “convert”.

I added in some dating advice at the end here too.

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