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S1E6 #SMBAdvertising: 3 things that a SMB company should think about when creating their first campaign

Today we are speaking with our talented Customer Success Manager & Adline Specialist, Heidi Helene Johansen! In this episode we asked Heidi Helene to share with us three things that a SMB company should think about when creating their first campaign!

🥇 Start by testing and fact finding

Go broad to start with – To get good results, I recommend to go broad in the start, in order to collect a lot of data.

Don’t be afraid to test out new channels, or channels you have bad experience with – things change. 

One of the many benefits of using Adline is that you can test multiple channels in one campaign, super easy, without wasting your advertising budget.

The algorithm will optimise all the ads in your campaign 6 times daily. Adline will make sure you get the most out of your daily budged. The optimisation is based on clicks and conversions. The ads that perform the best will also get most of the budget. This optimisation happens between the channels, every day.

It is important that you give the algorithm time to find the right audience and the best performing ad.

🥈  Determine your budget and let the algorithm to the work for you.

When it comes to digital marketing, you need to go with a high enough daily budget to get results out of your advertising. Higher budget will lead to higher reach.

When someone makes a purchase, it is more likely that they did so after doing their research online first. If your budget is too low to reach your audience you will not get good results from your advertising.

🥉  Identify Your Target Audience

In order for your ads in Adline to perform, it is crucial that you have chosen the right target audience for your services or products.
Make sure you know your audience’s age, gender, and interests. 

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