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S1E10 #SMBAdvertising: 3 important things to do to improve your website

We have a great episode for you today and we are going to be looking at 3 of the most important things to implement, improve or optimize on your website to ensure that the traffic coming to your website actually converts.

In the studio with me, I have Ingar Stokken who is the founder and owner of Nettsidekonsulenten which is a company based here in Oslo helping customers with everything they need to succeed with their website.

✅ Improve

What is the most common mistake small businesses are making with their website?

Not focusing on mobile (in the past desktop was the most used). Now viewing a website via mobile accounts for almost 70%+ of the traffic and desktop only about 30%.

Focusing on what you, as an owner want to tell, instead of the things people are looking for. Often owners have a lot of knowledge (they know it all), but it’s hard for them to tell the audience in an understandable manner.

🎯 Implement

Can you tell us a bit about SEO, you have worked a lot with this area. Is this something important to implement?

SEO is very important, and it stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is really important, because its the only perception the search engines ( like google ) look your site. And the way your website is created and how the content is created s:

The trick is to talk like you would to a human
Do research before you write.
Use keywords and tags the right way, but do not go overboard, be human and make it relevant. Use images with the right captions etc.
Do research on what people are interested in ( or get a company to do it for you )
Optimize the content with the right tools.
Monitize with google search console and analytics.

🔝 Optimize

We often see our customers getting a really good CTR, that’s “click through rate” which essentially means that a lot of people are clicking on their ads and landing on their website. However, I often get the question or comment “I do not seem to be getting any conversions, or sales even though we have a lot of clicks”, Why could that be?

Databox conducted a study which showed that up to 90% of people experience a lot of traffic from their ads but experience a low conversion. So, basically 9 out 10 experience low conversions.

The main problem is what the traffic is landing on.

You need;

  • Relevant content to land on
  • Content that matches/ is relevant to the ads/ consistent
  • Poor quality of website; for example, sending to the main page of the website which may not be 100% relevant/in line with the ad.
  • Continuous optimization of what they land on!!!

Read Ingar’s post “5 common mistakes SMBs are making with their website that hurt their ad results” on Adline.

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