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S1E16 #SMBAdvertising: 3 effective ads you should try

One of the hardest things for SMBs is to actually sit down and write a good ad… What angle should I use for my ads? How should I write my headline and ad copy?

First of all, decide the overall message or offer you want to promote and then let these 3 approaches guide your ad copy…

  1. Calling out your target audience
    1. Call out your target audience to catch their attention AND qualify potential customers. This tactic is useful if your target audience shares a particular trait, profession, or identity. You then need to understand your audience’s demographics, interests etc.
    2. Important; When it comes to FB Ads, you need to avoid calling out anything that implies a person’s race, health conditions, financial status, religion etc. This will quickly be flagged as discriminatory practices.
    3. Calling out your audience and making the ad copy relevant to them, will hold and keep their attention and persuade them to click on your ad.
  2. Leverage customer testimonial in your ads
    1. People buy when other people have bought. Robert Cialdini calls this Social Proof and is an effective psychological element. It makes you and your company more trustworthy and credible.
    2. Ask one of your valuable customers to either record or write a review/recommendation you can use directly in your ad copy or ad image or video. 
  3. Use press mentions in your ads
    1. For example, if you’ve been featured in a popular media outlet such as New York Times or even a local newspaper if you’re a local business, you can leverage this to strengthen the credibility of your product and services.
    2. Here’s an example; High-quality office chair featured in New York Times”
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