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S1E20 #SMBAdvertising: A Powerful Advertising Strategy: “Force Multiplication”

In the studio, Mike Damnjanovic (CCO of Adline) and Carl Wilhelm Vedvik (COO of Adline) are talking about a particular interesting theme given the pandemic that we have been through.

Due to convid, the digital landscape has been even more competitive, which is why Carl talks about a strategy for small and medium sized businesses to implement today to outcompete their competitors.

The strategy is called “Force Multiplication”. The term was actually coined in the 17th century by the military strategist, Carl von Clausewitz. It was a war strategy about dividing forces into different areas, to fight on multiple fronts, but also important to do a thorough work on each military troop, especially if you have limited resources. The same goes for small and medium sized businesses, since they have limited budgets. The clue is to divide your budget on different marketing channels. When the market is competitive, it is extra hard to stand out and get the right traffic and attention. While using digital marketing, you are fighting for attention, and that should be across channels, for instance, a mix of google search, google display, facebook ads, instagram ads and maybe even on snapchat. It is easier to get attention when you are everywhere.

If you have infantry and navy you are fighting on two fronts, which is like having more marketing channels, but when your competitor also has infantry and navy, but special forces and air force too, you need to be more strategic on how you use your resources. As a small and medium sized businesses you cannot compete on budget level, because the huge companies will always have more money, but you can outcompete when it comes to positioning, choosing multiple channels, how you are messaging and creatives you are using. That is the way you start even out on the playing field. Nevertheless, when using different platforms, you are also retargeting, because you may follow up the people that already know about you, which eventually can make them more likely to become customers.

To put the strategy into other words, the idea about not putting all eggs in one basket.

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