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S1E17 #SMBAdvertising: How to get more traffic from your ads?

Welcome to episode #17 on the SMB Advertising podcast. Learn how to get more traffic from your ads without spending more. In other words, increase your CTR.

First, as a general rule of thumb, more traffic shouldn’t be the goal in itself…

But if you know that the traffic you drive to your website ultimately will convert, buy, or book a meeting because you have a predictable conversion rate on your website, then more traffic is the solution.

Then you need to start looking at your Click-Through Rate and the Cost Per Click, which is two metrics that can be used to determine the success of your ad itself…

  • CTR is the percentage of impressions that click through to your website.
  • Cost Per Click is the cost to get a click.
  • Clicks often become cheaper as your CTR increases, which means that the ad you are running is engaging and compelling for the audience you’re reaching.

And when the ad is engaging and compelling, you’re making Facebook and Google better platforms, and they will reward you for that.

There are a few straightforward actions you can take;

  • Write compelling and engaging ad content. Learn to write headlines and copy that persuades the reader.
  • Make sure the ad content is relevant for the target audience/keywords you’ve chosen.
  • Continuously test new ads until you find some that works; The more you test, the more luck you’ll have.
  • Use eye-catching images and videos. Often all it takes is an original video/picture taken with a smartphone.
  • Change targeting… Often you’re just reaching the wrong target audience. Test new interest groups or keywords.
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