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S1E2 #SMBAdvertising: A Simple High-Converting Google Ads Tactic

Today on the #SMBAdvertisingPodcast hosted by Michael Damnjanovic & co-hosted by Carl-Wilhelm Vedvik, we are going to reveal a simple, high-converting Google Ads tactic any SMB business can try out easily 🚀

The tactic is sometimes referred to as SKAG or “Single Keyword Ad Groups”.

Here’s how it works;

  1. Create a campaign focused on 1 specific, long-tail keyword (a keyword that contains 2 or more phrases).
  2. Create a Google search ad that includes that keyword in the headline. Write a compelling description.
  3. Make sure that the landing page you link to also mentions this keyword.

Now, this setup will not only give you a higher rank in Google Ads because of a highly relevant campaign, but it will also convert a lot better than many other campaigns because you’re actually giving a clear answer to a clear question that a potential customer is having.

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