Multi-Channel Advertising With Ease

Powered by machine-learning. She’s called Elena.

AI Based Recommendations

I’ll find out what works best for you analyzing huge amounts of data. Bye bye to guesswork. I’m your digital marketing specialist, giving you insights on how to increase conversions!

Adline Dashboard

On the Adline Dashboard, you’ll get an overview of traffic sources, visitors, conversions, Cost Per Acquisition, page performance, funnels and more. Here you’ll meet Elena as well – and she will give you actionable advice!

Visitor Journey

Understand online buyer behaviour. Track the whole visitor journey – from first interaction to conversion. See exactly what ad the visitor clicked on, and the path to conversion.

Funnel Tracking

Discover where visitors drop off. Learn how users navigate your site using funnels. Small adjustments can increase your conversion rates through the roof.

Define & Measure Goals

Define – in a click – the action points you want to measure. It couldn’t be easier.

All-in-one advertising platform

1000+ media sites and 5 advertising channels managed in 1 powerful account. Save time managing all your advertising in once place.

Other Adline Features


With Adline you can duplicate campaigns and make adjustments and A/B-test ads across Facebook, Instagram, Native and Google Ads. From chaos to order.

Scale Ads Internationally

Do you want global reach? In Adline, you can duplicate the campaign, change country and translate the copy. Done.

CPA Optimization

Based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, Elena optimizes everything to decrease Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). This way you’ll increase ROI.

Budget Allocation

Elena will automatically allocate your advertising budget to the campaign that performs best

Attribution Modeling

In digital marketing your ROI is almost always inflated because it’s common to calculate based on “last click”. Standard reports don’t take into account all the activity across the whole buying journey. This is called attribution modeling.

Big Data Collection

With both the CPA and remarketing script, Adline will collect massive amounts of data to work with. We learn the user journeys and the sales obstacles, everything you need to know to build your brand.