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New AI Audience Targeting & Enhanced Multichannel Objectives

At, we’re not just passionate about simplifying advertising; we’re on a mission to ignite your business growth with ads that drive great ROI.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce two key updates that align perfectly with our mission:

Enhanced Multichannel Campaign Objectives (Offline Conversion Goals)

In marketing in general, setting clear and specific goals is the cornerstone of success. We understand how challenging it can be to achieve profitability across channels, cookies going away, and stricter privacy regulations with the new iOS17, etc.

Will marketing attribution die? No… but it will become challenging.

This is exactly why we harness our Adline Tracking Script to set stronger campaign objectives based on first-party data and feed this data to Facebook’s CAPI and Google’s offline conversion API.

Multichannel Campaign Objectives allow you to effortlessly select destination pages as conversion goals and ensure a seamless sync across Facebook and Google. Set it once, in one place – and Adline will optimize across channels many times a day

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Cross-Channel Conversion Optimization: Say farewell to the hassle of managing separate goals on different platforms. Our new campaign goals feature works harmoniously across Facebook and Google, allowing you to select your goals once and let Adline optimize them seamlessly across Facebook and Google.
  • Maximize Conversions: By unifying your goals across Facebook and Google into one campaign, we empower you to achieve higher conversion rates, ultimately driving more profitable growth for your business.

Finally, “AI Optimize” Your Target Audiences (With High Precision)

Are you tired of guessing your way to a good target audience setup? We’re excited to introduce our “AI Optimize” feature.

It is designed to take the uncertainty out of finding the perfect audience for your ads. The AI does it for you. 

It’s very simple… Just check the “AI Optimize” button and Adline will help find your target audience:

With just a few clicks, you can let the AI identify your ideal demographics with unparalleled precision. It applies to the following traits:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Device
  • Language
  • FB/IG Interest Groups

What becomes even more important now, is the ad content you produce; your images, headlines, and descriptions. The better and more precise the content is, the faster and easier it is for our AI to find your target audience.

Advertising should be effective, profitable, and accessible to all businesses. These new features and improvements represent our ongoing commitment to simplifying advertising and making it profitable for SMEs across the world.

I am sure you will not only save a lot more time, but will also see profitable ad gains!

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