With just NOK 5.949 (around $600 dollars) in ad spend, we did a pretty interesting experiment using Adline for one of our clients – and we learned something cool. 

Our hypothesis; Original pictures performs better than professional product images.

How do we test this hypothesis?

Easy, we feed Adline with content ≈ input. And then we let Elena (our machine-learning) do its work.

In this case, we created a campaign with 6 ads;

Then we publish the campaign, and let Adline’s algorithms get to work.

How do Adline’s algorithms work?

It’s our secret sauce, but let me disclose the following information; By installing the Adline script, we analyze the engagement and actions on your website, then we benchmark it with the campaign metrics.

E.g. does it matter if cost per click (CPC) is high when cost per acquisition (CPA) is low? At the end of the day, it’s how much it costs to acquire a customer that matters. Adline’s goal is to continuously decrease CPA. This way, you get the most out of your ad budget.

The Result; We were right! The ad with an original picture performed 2,389% better than the others combined.

The campaign generated 106 136 impressions, 6 161 clicks and 39 leads. As you can see in the image, the original picture got most of the clicks.

Why is this? We believe it’s because when an ad doesn’t look like an ad, it performs much better. A.k.a. what we call Native Ads. Disclaimer: Results vary depending on niches and audiences.

P.S: Want to test Adline for your business? Book a 25-min strategy session with me here

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