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Simple do-it-yourself advertising tools. Powered by smart algorithms.

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Eirik Vigeland, Boligmappa

«In less than an hour, a comprehensive campaign is set up on Facebook, Instagram, Google ads and display, including retargeting, as well as A, B and C testing. Impressively effective.»

Ines Rosef-Ingram, Pine3 Marketing

«Adline makes it easy for me to manage all my clients and optimize my clients’ ad spend across multiple channels in one place. I no longer have to log into Facebook Business Manager, Google Analytics, Google Ads etc every day.»

Jermund Ottermo, Stratigeek

«l got an immediate epiphany when I saw and tested Adline. This was the last jigsaw piece I needed in a complete DIY marketing platform.»

Bjørn Richardsen, 24Nettbutikk

«Adline is the best solution we have seen so far. In particular we like the simplicity for the users, combined with the optimization technology in the background.»

2.7B people on Facebook.

1B users on Instagram

690M professionals on LinkedIn

1.2 trillion Google searches yearly

Become Visible Everywhere In A Few Clicks

Smart Advertising Algorithms

A well-timed ad can turn people into valuable customers. Adline is using Elena (our ad specialist) to get your ads to appear in the right place at the right time.

Battle-tested algorithms

Elena is a piece of smart technology that will improve your ads over time to get more of the results that matter to your business.

Testing audiences 24/7

Elena is working day and night testing different audience interests, groups and behaviors to identify the hottest prospects for your business. All you have to do is to create ads.

Every 4th hour…

…or 6 times a day, Adline will move your budget to the most profitable ads, and pause the underperforming ads. No need for a media agency.

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