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Visitor journey analytics

Analyze and identify the best customer journeys. See everything from the first click to the last click, and track the conversions in between.

Adline gives you access to every step of an individual visitor’s journey to understand
their behaviour and discover top-converting paths.

Visitor Journey Report
Analyze visitor and user journeys individually

Analyze individual visitor journeys

Want to track individual visitors and see every touch point leading up to a conversion? Adline’s tracking script identifies the visitors on your site and trace their whole journey:

  • See the referring channels & locations.
  • Discover the pages they visit on your site.
  • See what events and conversions they do. 
  • Learn where they drop off.
Visitor journey aggregator

Discover the top visitor journey paths

What if you could identify what visitor journey lead to the most conversions? With the visitor journey aggregator, you can see the top paths.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Simply choose the conversion page (like sign up, thank you page, contact etc.)
  2. See the most popular paths your visitors take to convert.
  3. Try to reproduce this path in your marketing.
  4. Lead and guide visitors through this path and get more conversions.

Real-time visitor analytics

Running a big campaign? Or about to do a major launch? With the Live Visitors report, you can analyze your current campaigns and see the response anywhere in the world.

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