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Funnel Analytics

Want to lead more customers through your funnel? You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Now you can map out each stage of your funnel or buying journey and measure the conversion rates between each stage of your funnel.

Give your funnel a name

Want to analyze your sign-up flow? Our maybe your booking pages? Decide what you want to track and analyze. Ideally, it should be a sequential path.

Map out your funnel stages

Map out each stage of your funnel – from start to finish – based on their URLs.

  • Start at the top. E.g. your home page or a specific landing page.
  • Map out the next pages you think the visitors will land on.
  • Finally, add the final destination page.

Adline will now do the calculations and almost immediately show you the conversion rates between each of these steps

Analyze your funnel conversion rate

You can even get a full-picture of your overall funnel performance. See the total conversion rate from start to finish. How many percentage of your total visitors actually complete the whole funnel?

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