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Easy campaign builder

Tired of managing your ads across Facebook Business Manager and Google Ads Suite? Now you can finally unify Facebook & Google Ads into one, single campaign center without managing multiple accounts. Get a complete overview of multiple channels in one place. Build campaigns in minutes instead of hours. No ad account integration needed.

in 1-click

By creating Facebook, Instagram, Google Search & responsive ads in the same campaign, you’re able to publish ads in one click and make your business visible everywhere.

Easy & smart

Select location, target audience, keywords and budget once and it applies automatically to both Facebook and Google. Advanced targeting is automated by Adline.

Spend money

Adline uses algorithms to optimize your spending 6x times a day. This way, we ensure you’re only spending money on ads that are generating the most results.


You don’t have to go back and forth between Facebook and Google anymore and summarize spending to get the total picture. In one quick glance, you’ll see a consolidated campaign report that includes all your Facebook and all your Google spending. Your advertising results in one place.

No ad account

You don’t have to think about ad accounts anymore. Adline automates all the set up in the backend. All you have to do is to create and publish ads.