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Click map analytics

Look over your prospects’ shoulder with the Click Map, which turns your website into a real-time, visual analytics dashboard. See what visitors do after they clicked on your ad and landed on your website.

The Click map turns your website into an analytics dashboard

The Click Map turns your website into a real-time analytics dashboard. Adline helps you become more data-driven about your digital marketing. See exactly where visitors click on your website, what it costs to generate a specific conversion, channel performance and much more.

  • Define any goals you want without any code.
  • See exactly where to put your marketing budget to get the most conversions.
  • See exactly where traffic comes from and how it flows through your website. 
  • Compare traffic and conversions by channels, devices, locations, and more.

Power your business with data

The simplicity of the analytics feature makes it easy for everyone to understand without needing prior expertise. You’ll understand your website visitors on a deeper level and uncover bottlenecks for growth.


Get instant answers to:

  • How does advertising impact your conversions and engagement on-site?
  • Where should you spend your resources to get more conversions?
  • Does your mobile version convert better than your desktop version? 
  • Where does your traffic come and go?
  • Which countries or regions convert best?