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Frequently Asked Questions
by the Adline Community.

Account & Billing

Although our user interface is in English, we do support all languages and all countries in the world. You can advertise in all the languages and countries in the world. Currently, it’s only our UI and live chat that is in English.

Yes, we do have an affiliate/referral program and offer 30% recurring commissions as long as your customers stay active on the platform. You need an active Adline account to access our affiliate program. You can find the affiliate program in the top-right menu in your account:

You can partially white-label Adline for your accounts etc. by updating the logo in the top left-hand corner.

A sub-account can be used by agencies to onboard new client accounts under their master account, or you can use sub-accounts if you own multiple brands, domains or subsidiaries. You can also invite different users into different sub-accounts. The sub-account has access to all the same features as your main account (the plan you have). The normal price for a sub-account is $29/mo.


Currently, we support Facebook & Instagram Feed Ads, Video/Image & Carousel Ads. We also support Google Responsive Search and Google Responsive Display Ads (GDN).

There are no limits here – you can advertise in all countries in the world, and in whatever language you want. 


iOS14, etc. is a challenge and it limits everyone in some way. In Adline, you get access to a self-built 1st party tracking script that collects data from the website server level. In other words, we collect our own visitor data (which is not cookie-based). Our tracking script also collects all conversion events on your website. This data is used to effectively optimize your campaigns.

Your FB Page is being managed by a dedicated ad account in Adline. You can only get yourself blocked if you publish ads that don’t comply with the ad policies. Your account is not connected to other Adline accounts.

Yes, you can connect different Facebook pages to different campaigns. Just click on the “Connect to Facebook” and select a different page, and remember to go to your Facebook Page to accept the partner request within the Page Roles section, as seen in this guide.

Adline automatically creates and manages ad accounts inside our own structure. We do this to simplify the advertising workflow from A to Z. You don’t have to chat with Facebook & Google Support nor worry about the technical setup etc. Most importantly, we want our algorithms to optimize your ads without interference.

Currently the optimization algorithm uses the CPC and CTR variables, and we’re working on optimizing our algorithm to use conversions and CPL data too (since we already collect all that data through our self-built tracking script). CTR is an important metric because it tells our algorithm whether or not your ad is compelling/relevant. 

Adline has developed an MBO (Multichannel Budget Optimization) algorithm that not only optimize individual ads inside one channel, but we do it across multiple channels many times a day. Our algorithms auto-optimize your budget across not only ads, but across all the channels we are integrated with at any time.

Today, this is 100% automated so you won’t be able to influence or change anything when it comes to optimization. You can change audiences etc., but not the optimization rules. Our algorithms have been tested and improved over many years, and has proven to increase the profitability of your ads.

Yes, it’s quite easy to duplicate campaigns, and ads and create dozens of variations. I.e. you can create lots of tests quite fast, and discover what variations perform the best.

Tracking & Analytics

Our tracking script collects data using 1st party tracking. It allows us to collect conversion events on pages, buttons, and links from the website server level and push these events into whatever ad channel we are integrated into at that time. Our analytics and tracking tools are built on the highly scalable database management system. Currently, we at Adline, are covered when 3rd party cookies go away.

A Click Map is a report that allows you to visually analyze your website. The Click Map transforms your page into a dashboard with statistics. One Click Map means one page or subpage.

Sometimes it can take a couple of days – it depends on the amount of activity you have on your website. You can make the process go faster by clicking around on different buttons and links on your website to trigger the tracking script. Go to “All button clicks” and click on “Today” in the period selector.

10 Click Maps means you’re able to analyze 10 pages on your website. For instance, it could be the homepage, features or product page. It could be funnel pages if you have. I.e. you can analyze up to 10 subpages.

You can install the tracking script on multiple domains, but the data will be mixed within the same dashboards and analytics reports.

P.S.: Only install the tracking script on relevant subdomains/domains that are 100% relevant. For example, sometimes your blog is hosted on and your main website is In this case, it’s fine to install the script on both domains.

Yes, you need to install an unique tracking script on each sub-account. A new tracking script is generated per sub-account and can be found in the “Company & Payment” section.