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Vest Detailing: Reaching Boat Owners In Bergen


Vest Detailing

Robert Gangsøy is the founder of Vest Detailing AS, and is the only service provider in Sotra, Bergen who offers a mobile maintenance service for cars, caravans and boats. How can Vest Detailing reach boat owners in Bergen?


An affordable and easy way to build his online presence

Robert Gangsøy wants to reach boat-, car-, and campervan owners before the season to fill up his diary. The founder needed an easy way to build his online presence without having to engage external experts – to save time and money.

Here’s a quick story about his process.


3 campaigns

Three different segments:
Boats, Cars & Campervans






3 campaigns, relevant messages, targeted audiences

Robert Gangsøy created three different campaigns targeting three different segments. By only using Facebook ads to reach a cold audience he generated almost 4,000 uniqe clicks.

  • Facebook ads with relevant messages.
  • Audience targeting using interests and keywords.
“Our goal at Vest Detailing is to help campervan and boat owners get ready for the season. To achieve this, we needed to inform the market about our services ahead of the season. Advertising is not my profession, but by using Adline I managed to build a great presence online for my company quickly.”
Robert Gangsøy
Business Owner


A reusable campaign that can be used every year (in a click)

Robert is now armed with an easy digital marketing tool, and a reusable campaign that can be used every year before the season starts.

  • Facebook ad campaign scheduled ahead of time.
  • Website analytics and pixel data.


Ad Examples

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