218 Leads In Under 30 Days At $20 CPA

Here’s a case study about how the SaaS company Futureworks leveraged Adline to acquire 218 leads in under 30 days with targeted multichannel ads and a high-converting sales funnel. 


Kim Leinan | CEO @ Futureworks




Futureworks is a fast-growing SaaS company providing an OKR Management Platform for goal-setting and coaching to medium-sized businesses to enterprise companies. Futureworks is frequently used by employees at Evry, KPMG and Schneider Electric.


Automate their advertising and generate more leads

Kim Leinan is the CEO at Futureworks. His day-to-day responsibilities make it hard for Kim to log in and out of multiple channels and optimize ads for higher ROI on a daily basis. He simply wanted to leverage Adline for the following reasons:

  • Automate and optimize ads for higher ROI.
  • Get control over his marketing in one platform.
  • Generate leads on a predictable basis.

Futureworks is targeting both medium- and enterprise companies with many employees. In order to close high-end clients at an enterprise level, you often need a physical/online meeting. 

That is why Futureworks used Adline to target the C-Suite with ads using highly-targeted messaging around how to “increase employee motivation and engagement”.

Campaign Results






Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)


The solution was twofold and included both targeted, multi-channel ads equipped with a digital sales funnel to convert the traffic to leads. 

1) Targeted, multichannel ads: Firstly, Kim created a set of campaigns including both Facebook and Google ads. The goal here was to generate the right traffic to his website. 

2) Digital Sales Funnel: Growing any business online requires two things; The right traffic and conversion. The goal with this sales funnel was to convert the traffic to leads and the leads to demo meetings. 

Kim Leinan, together with Adline Services, developed a highly-targeted sales funnel that converted the traffic into 218 leads and a fully booked calendar. The funnel primarily consists of landing pages, lead magnets and email automation. 

218 leads in under 30 days with an average $20 Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) – and a fully-booked calendar with qualified meetings. 


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