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Boligmappa Creating Targeted Multi-Channel Campaigns



With over 4,000 registered craftsmen, Boligmappa is one of the fastest growing subscription-focused tools in Norway. Helping home owners and craftsmen store information about the home. Eirik from Boligmappa wanted to increase the number of licenses sold to each market segment.


How to create targeted multi-channel advertising campaigns?

Eirik Vigeland, CMO in Boligmappa, wanted to reach electricians, plumbers and carpenters with targeted advertising campaigns to build awareness around their product, and increase their number of subscriptions.

Eirik from Boligmappa knows very well that targeting the right audience with the right message is the key to success.

That’s why Eirik himself created a specific campaign – with a relevant message – per market segment. He did this across multiple channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Google search.



Impressions creating brand awareness


Unique Clicks (Avg. $0.45 CPC)


Multi-channel ads powered by Adline’s algorithms

Boligmappa used Adline to build multi-channel ads (FB, IG and Google) quickly and easily without hiring external experts. Boligmappa used Adline’s algorithms to optimize their spend across channels. Bad-performing ads stopped running while Adline was scaling up the profitable ads.

  • Campaigns specifically targeting market segments.
  • Audience and spend optimization.
"Adline is every digital marketer's dream. From going from a handful of different, complex and heavy advertising tools, Adline unites all this into one service. In addition, they have peeled away 80% of the functionality, so you only have what you actually need.

In less than an hour, a comprehensive campaign is set up on Facebook, Instagram, Google ads and display, including retargeting, as well as A, B and C testing. Impressively effective."

Eirik Vigeland


More control and time savings

Boligmappa got more control over their digital presence and did all the advertising in-house.

  • Increased brand awareness across market segments.
  • Save time by managing multi-channel advertising campaigns in a single platform.


Ad Examples

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