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X by Kygo automating & scaling their ads with Adline

X by Kygo was created out of Kygo’s enthusiasm to offer superior music experiences to everyone, regardless of people’s music taste. X by Kygo is an e-commerce selling products worldwide.

Boosting sales for the Kygo A11/800 headphones

Johanne Eidsvold, who is the Head of Marketing & E-Commerce at Kygo Life, wanted an effective solution to advertise their Kygo A11/800 model internationally.

Johanne decided to run a weekend sale, and needed an easy way to set it up fast.

“Adline is a super effective tool to set up and run international advertising campaigns quickly. I’m excited about the next campaign!”

– Johanne Eidsvold, Head of Marketing

An international campaign. In just a few hours.

X by Kygo built an international Facebook advertising campaign in just a couple of hours. A quick and easy solution to launch ads and test messaging, offers and audiences.

  • Testing 9 ad creatives & 10 audience interests.
  • Weekend campaign to boost sales.

Saved time & resources by automating their international advertising

Johanne’s genius idea was to target other musicians’ audiences such as Avicii, Whitney Houston and Calvin Harris. By targeting closely related artists, X by Kygo was able to reach an interested audience with an irresistible weekend offer.

  • Increased brand awareness across audiences
  • Save time by managing multi-channel advertising campaigns in a single platform.

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