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Advertising Architect Drawn Houses

How can Dunam use advertising to target this specific audience, Increasing Brand Awareness and Finding Qualified Leads?

About Dunam

Dunam is a Norwegian residential construction company that focuses on building modern homes – and designs that make you have to look twice. Dunam works to ensure that the architect’s vision is reflected in their projects. House value starting at NOK 7M. 

Finding Qualified Leads

Vidar Sandersen, the CEO & Founder of Dunam, wants to reach a very specific, clearly-defined target audience that are in the market for building a luxury home, and are willing to pay for quality and style. 

Results from 1 campaign

  • 🚀 $ 138 in Ad Spend.
  • 🚀 24,5k Total # Impressions
  • 🚀 $ 46 Cost Per Lead

The Solution

Multi-Channel Ads In-House. Powered by Algorithms.

“We wanted to advertise on multiple platforms, and of course we wanted to do it in an easy and inexpensive way. None of us inhouse had a lot of experience with advertising, so we needed something that was easy to use and monitor” – Vidar.

Dunam used Adline to build multi-channel ads (FB, IG and Google) quickly and easily without hiring external, expensive experts. Adline’s algorithms optimized their spend across the different channels and allowed Dunam to find out which types of ads worked best. The poorly performing ads stopped running, saving Dunam money, while at the same time Adline was scaling up the profitable ads.

Vidar Sandersen

“Here in Dunam, we are focused on quality over quantity. We are building houses for 15+ million Norwegian kroner and therefore our customer portfolio is very specific. By using Adline we have been able to generate qualified leads, while spending a minimal amount of time and money on our advertising efforts. That way we can spend more time on delivering high quality, architect-drawn houses to our fantastic clients. We are really satisfied with Adline and the team there.”

– Going forward we know which channels we want to use, we have a better understanding of how to set up ads and campaigns, and our budget is being spent in a sensible way, generating good results.

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