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How Magician Paul Martin Generated a 10x ROAS With Adline

Paul Martin is a famous magician from the United Kingdom. He is a member of the world-famous Magic Circle – awarded the Silver Star – and has spent 20 years working as a magician at high-end private parties and corporate events.

During the Corona-pandemic, Paul Martin – who normally earns his living from performing at events around the globe – has had no choice but to reinvent how business is done in the entertainment industry.

Leads & Bookings To Paul’s Virtual Magic Show

Paul reconstructed his shows and has built a virtual comedy magic show (also called “Zoom Magic”), where businesses and private customers can book live magic events hosted by Paul Martin – virtually on their own computer or TV.

Christmas is high season in the entertainment industry, so the challenge was how to get the product out to the market in time and get enough bookings?

Quick glance on Paul’s results:

  • 🚀 £1,6K total spent
  • 🚀 £20K+ revenue (10x)
  • 🚀 14 leads
  • 🚀 2,23K clicks
  • 🚀 62K impressions

Hyper-Targeted Google Search Ads (and a bit of AI magic)

Together with Paul, Adline built a campaign with Google search ads to reach prospects searching for virtual entertainment. By using keywords such as “virtual magic shows” and “zoom magic show”, Adline managed to reach people interested in booking a show with Pro Magic Academy.

During November and December, Paul Martin invested £1,500 GBP in the Adline engine and was able to generate bookings worth around £20,000 pounds – which is a massive 10x return on ad spend, to say the least.

“I use Adline for the simplicity. Being able to create one advert and place it across multiple platforms is not only a massive time saver but also priceless. All the hard work has been done for me so I’m safe in the knowledge that my best ads are running at the most competitive rates. If you are a business and thinking about online advertising, if you want to save time, money and knowhow… Use Adline!”

– Paul Martin, Magician
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