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How Rebel Are Using Adline To Attract 1,500 Of The Best IT Minds

About Rebel

Rebel is an IT powerhouse based in Oslo offering office space to technology companies. The brightest minds in IT. 1500 of them. Gathered under the same roof. The sky’s the limit. Memberships. Full-service. Full flexibility. An entire floor? Move right in. Bring your mind.

Rebel uses Adline to centralize their marketing efforts in-house

  • Using a simple, centralized platform to build awareness and maintain brand consistency while advertising in multiple channels, to multiple audiences.Get control over his marketing in one platform.
  • Leveraging algorithms to advertise to innovative technology companies that are looking for a new place to grow.

The Solution

Using smart advertising to plant an idea in the Norwegian IT community

The Rebel project began several years ago with only one idea; To bring together the brightest minds in IT under one roof. With only construction plans in hand, the leadership team decided to start building the hype and the awareness very early in the building period.

Instead of outsourcing advertising to agencies or experts, the 2-person marketing team at Rebel decided to use technology – the heart of what they believe in – to do the advertising themselves, in-house.

Years before the building project was finished, Carl J. Onstad and Dan-Børge Pedersen used Adline to collect marketing data, create multiple campaigns to build awareness, and educate the market about the importance of bringing together technology under one roof. By starting advertising early, Rebel was able to stay “on top of mind” when IT companies were looking for office space.

Rebel is now sold out and hundreds of “hot seats” and memberships booked. Adline is a proud Rebel member.

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