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5 common mistakes SMBs are making with their website that hurt their ad results

By Ingar Stokken

Your website is the face of your business and maybe the greatest tool you have to attract new customers. Unfortunately, there are a lot of common mistakes that can ruin the end results you want.

Here are 5 common website mistakes you should avoid:


Not focusing on your mobile presence.

You might think you already have a great looking desktop website and you only get positive feedback from your business relations. But the question is: Does your website work as well on a mobile phone as it does on a desktop?

According to global browser statistics, almost 70% of online traffic goes to a mobile phone and 50% of screen time is being spent on the mobile phone.

It is now more important than ever to make your website also look and work perfectly on a mobile phone. If you don’t, then you will miss out on valuable traffic.

How to improve:
Take a closer look at how your website looks and functions on a mobile phone. If you have tools like Google Analytics or the Adline Clickmap you should look at the current performance to see how much traffic you receive and find out if the visitors click where you want them to click.

Focusing on this could unlock a lot of untapped potential.


Focusing on what you, as an owner want to tell.

Its very easy as a business owner to think everyone else has as great of a understanding as yourself. You have full control of the technical aspect of you product and how it works. When you work on the content you write it down as you see it. 

The question is, does it really give the potential customer an understanding of what you actually offer, what your product solves? Does it attract the attention you want? Does it speak to the right audience?

Your potential customers might not see it the same way. Try to make it simple and understandable for the customer.

How to implement:

Put yourself in your potential customers shoes, and ask yourself these question:

– What can i tell someone who has never heard of my product or service?
– What real world problems does my product solve?
– Who is my target audience?
– How can i get their attention to contact me for more information?

You as the business owner might think that your content is great. But rather than your own enthusiasm, try to figure out what you potential customers are looking for.

The key here is trial and error and tracking the performance.
Which brings us to the next point.


Not optimizing the website constantly.

Another very common mistake many business owners do with their websites is to think the job is done when a new website it launched. This is just the begining. 

You need to plan for the long term and not for the short term in order to get more results and more conversions. You need to be open to changes and your website might look very differently after 1-2 years of continous improvements.

You need to be open for change and actively look at what you improve to get more results.

How to optimize:


1. Use tools like Google Analytics and Google Search console to track the performance of your content on the website. NB: Adline also has great analytics tools to help you gain an understanding of how your visitors behave. In addition – all data is owned by the customer.

2. Gain an understanding on what is important to your audience, keep working on the content and do changes to the design based on what you learn. Keep learning and don’t be afraid of change.

3. Learn SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) and how the search engine looks at your website.

These 3 points involve a bit of a learning curve, but if you take the time to learn, it is well worth it!

Don’t have the time?
If you have a budget for it, another great way to increase your results whilst gaining understanding of your target audience is to connect with someone with the experience to help you along the way.


Not doing Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is very important, and stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is really important, because its the only perception the search engines ( like Google ) look your site.

How to implement:

– The trick is to write like you would talk to a human.

– Do research before you write.
– Use the correct tags on your titles according to relevancy ( H1 – main title , H2 – subtitle, H3 subtitle of subtitle etc ).

– Use keywords the right way,  but do not go overboard, be human and make it relevant. Use images with the right captions etc.

– Do research on what people are interested in ( or get a company to do it for you )


– Monitor with tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Adline own Clickmap / customer behaviour insight.


Not working on the landing page you send traffic to.

If you advertise, the most important factor for success is what the customer lands on after they have click on your ads. If they land on something that is not relevant or not in line to what the ads are saying, it will hurt your results.

Databox conducted a study which showed that up to 90% of people experience a lot of traffic from their ads but experience a low conversion. So, basically 9 out 10 experience low conversions.

Here is a good a question and answer that was talked about in the Adline podcast:

“We often see our customers getting a really good CTR, that’s “click through rate” which essentially means that a lot of people are clicking on their ads and landing on their website. However, I often get the question or comment “I do not seem to be getting any conversions, or sales even though we have a lot of clicks”, Why could that be?” 

The main problem is what the traffic is landing on!

You need to consider these things when you choose a landing page for your ad:

– Does it have content that matches/ is relevant to the ads/ consistent?

– Do you send traffic to a bad site; for example, sending to the main page of the website which may not be 100% relevant/in line with the ad.

Hope this gave you some insight into what you can do to improve your website!


Ingar Stokken
Nettsidekonsulenten AS

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