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Man vs. Machines: Behind-The-Scenes Of The Adline Advertising Algorithms

Man vs. Machines: Advertising Algorithms

Wonder how the Adline advertising algorithms actually works? And how a set of algorithms can increase your ROI and save you massive amounts of time?

This algorithm optimizes your ad budget everywhere from 6 to 24 times a day. But what does it do exactly?

There’s been a lot of discussions around how effective algorithms actually are compared to humans. There are a few obvious strengths and weaknesses on both sides actually…

What we’ve seen is that humans are still much better than machines on the content side (creatives and copy), and algorithms beat humans a lot of the time on the technical side; optimizing the budget, testing ads against different audiences, scaling profitable ads and stopping underperformers, etc.

In this 10-min video, Mike and Carl reveals how the algorithm optimizes Facebook and Google Ads and ensures every advertising dollar is spent in the best way possible.

A quick summary…

  • Algorithms work 24/7 without human error. It’s about giving the algorithm the right inputs.
  • Cross-channel budget optimization (reallocating your budget multiple times between Facebook and Google on the ad level).
  • Winning ads are scaled max. without exceeding your daily budget.
  • Underperforming ads are stopped to avoid throwing money out the window.
  • Audience and creative rotation (testing different creatives/angles against audiences).

Focus on creating great content and give the algorithm relevant keywords and audience groups. The Adline algorithm will do the rest.

Better input = better outcome.

It’s simple; Garbage in, garbage out.

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