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Venue Advertising Template: How To Successfully Advertise A Wedding Venue

Campaign performance

Venue & Wedding Advertising Template

Customer Of The Week 🎉  Helene Bernhardsen, General Manager for Dal Gjestegaard, which is a wedding and business venue offering accommodation, exquisite food experiences in a peaceful and idyllic part of Norway.

Venue advertising is not an easy task. You need to understand your target audience, and convince them to give your venue their time and their money. It’s also a market with fierce competition. However, Helene managed to create winning Facebook and Google Ads for Dal Gjestegaard with a multichannel approach, and generated leads looking to book the perfect venue for their special event.

Below is the exact templates you can try and experience for yourself.


Campaign Setup

Helene is using a daily budget of roughly $20 which is sufficient for a campaign with three ads in and in her target market.

Facebook Ad Template

Headline: Are you looking for a beautiful and romantic wedding venue?


Do you want to celebrate your wedding in a quiet and idyllic setting, centrally located in Vestfold?

Gathering together around “a good meal” with localized and Nordic produce is one of our biggest attractions.

In sheltered and idyllic surroundings, we create fantastic settings for your big day.

Link Description: Free Cancellation
Button: Contact Us

Google Ad Template

Headline: Conference Center – Dal Gjestegaard | See our packages | Premises in the heart of Vestfold | Conference Day Package | Unique framework for conferences

Description: Personal and good service provided by Dal Gjestegaard. You focus on content – we provide a good framework. With personal hosting from the first to the last cup of coffee. Conference room with all necessary facilities.

Site link 1: Accommodation
See our apartments. Book today.

Sitelink 2: Wedding packages
Everything and everyone in the same room. Our offer.


Target audience

Google Keywords:

Specific keywords related to their weddings, everything written in Norwegian to focus on being visible to locally living Norwegians planning to get married.

Facebook Audience(s):

Helene chose the biggest newspapers in Norway as interest groups as well as interest groups related to weddings, for example; wedding cake.

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