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Travel Advertising Template: Scaling A Travel SaaS Company Internationally

At a glance

Customer Of The Week 🎉 Paul Sarfati, Chief Executive Officer, Baboo is the ultimate matchmaker for travelers by matching them directly with local travel designers and by matching their travel itineraries with their travel personalities. Here’s how Paul easily produced winning Facebook and Instagram Ads for his traveling platform, increasing traffic and generating a flood of new leads.


Campaign Setup

Paul has been running ads on Adline for a while now and been testing different creatives, different ads and found three winning ads. One of the ads stands for over 80% of all their ad results and has a fantastic Click-Through Rate, beating all travel industry benchmarks.

Snapshot from Baboo Travel advertising dashboard

When you have found your winning ads, it is important to continue with what is working. He was able to easily copy these three winning ads to a new campaign within the Adline platform and concentrate his full advertising budget on those best performing ads.

The campaigns looks very similar to this;

Ad Creatives: The creatives are designed by Marco Barneveld, who is a Creative Director and Owner at Wideoyster. Check out their services at

As seen in the ads above, Paul is driving all the traffic to an excellent lead generator called the “Travel Personality Test”, which I highly recommend you to try out. You will then get to know what kind of traveller you are.

Facebook Ad Copy Template

Headline: What’s your travel personality?

[DESIRED GOAL]: Did you know that your travel experiences will become immensely better if you align them with your travel personality?

Are you a Globetrotter or an Explorer? You might even be an Adventurer.

[OFFER]: Discover your inner-traveler.

Link Description: Do the test and you’ll know.

Call To Action: Learn More


Target audience

Facebook Audience(s):

Paul chose some of the biggest newspapers in the world as interest groups. I.e. “National Geographic Traveler” could be an international example. All website visitors last 30 days.

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