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Yoga & Pilates Advertising Template: How The Room Boosted Their Memberships

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Successful Yoga & Pilates Advertising

Customer Of The Week 🎉 Rikke Schillinger, General Manager at The Room, a fast-growing Yoga and Pilates studio in Norway. They offer exclusive training in small groups, with a focus on quality and achieving the good feeling! Established in 2003 and centers in four locations in Norway. Here’s how Rikke produced winning Facebook and Google Ads that is continously generating new members for her studio at a low cost!

Jan is helping individuals at every stage of their job hunt from; sending applications to writing CVs to conducting themselves at an interview. Here’s how Jan promoted his masterclass with winning Facebook and Google Ads for his business, and helped fill up his webinar, as well as his inbox with qualified leads. These results are taken from the first 15 days of the campaign where Jan used roughly $30 per day.


Campaign Setup

Rikke is utilizing primarily Facebook and Instagram ads, and if you are thinking to run ads and are in the fitness or health industry then you will most likely see great results by using and testing different Facebook and Instagram ads.

Here’s a screenshot of their setup:

Facebook Ad Template #1

Headline: Start training with us today! Small group lessons with personal follow-up!

[OFFER]: Learn this amazing exercise machine, Pilates Reformer, this spring!

[DESIRED GOAL]: Here you get a thorough introduction to both technique and exercises, so you get fast progress and results.

[OFFER]: Small groups and personal follow-up at all hours.

[URGENCY]: Limited places, so book today! or send us an email to

[YOUR LINK] Book Today

Facebook Ad Template #2

Headline: Pilates Reformer

[DESIRED GOAL]: Want to learn Pilates on Reformer apparatus?

[OFFER]: Small groups with close follow-up by certified Pilates instructors.

[OFFER]: Fantastic form of exercise!

[URGENCY]: Sign up today: by buying a drop in, or signing up via our website: – e-mail to:


Target audience

Facebook Audience(s):

Rikke chose to target audiences that are closely connected with pilates. For example; eating healthy, massage parlors but also other forms of physical practices; like Yoga.

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