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Real Estate Advertising Template: Selling Modern Homes With Online Ads

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Real Estate Advertising Template

Customer Of The Week 🎉 Hennie Sandersen, Content Manager, Dunam builds custom-made, architect-designed homes with unique designs. Here’s how Hennie easily produced winning Facebook and Google Ads for Dunam, and started generating inquiries by potential customers. Houses that Dunam build have a starting price of around $700K.


Campaign Setup

Below is a sneakpeek of Hennie’s campaign setup. Hennie has been running campaigns with Adline for the last 18-months and her January campaign was a mixture of their 3 best performing ads in Facebook & Instagram, Google Search and Responsive. The ads are in Norwegian in the below screenshot but we have them written in English for you to try out.

Facebook Ad Copy Template

Dunam have a few favourite houses that get a lot of attention but they have been able to see over the last months from running campaigns that “Lune” is by far the most popular. Each month they have been able to easily test the different models that they offer and quickly find the winning houses. Now that they have this information they can simply create ads that do not look like ads to increase traffic to their website.

Building a house is not a quick decision, so their aim here is to showcase what they offer to potential future buyers. Once a user is on the website they are able to see more from Dunam and when ready, get in touch with the sales team.

Headline:  [House Model] – A distinctive house

Description: Have a look at Lune here.

Button: Learn More


Google Search Ad Copy Template

Headline: Beautiful Modern House Models | Modern Houses w/Large Windows | Download House Catalogue

Description: See our selection of beautiful house models. Houses with a modern feel. Download free house catalogue.

Sitelink 1: About Us
Sitelink 2: Find Inspiration
Sitelink 3: Architect Design
Sitelink 4: View Gallery


Target audience

Google Keywords:
Specific keywords related to their house building as well as broader terms.

Facebook Audience(s):
Hennie chose some of the biggest development and building interests in Norway as interest groups. I.e. “Real Estate” could be an international example.

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