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Product Launch Template: Taking An Innovative Bikesharing Solution To The Market

Campaign performance:

product launch advertising template

Customer Of The Week 🎉  Sunniva Endresen, Marketing Manager, ShareBike, based in Norway, offers automatic bikesharing solutions aimed at helping individuals hire a bike quickly and easily.

Here’s how Sunniva easily produced winning Facebook and Google Ads for their business aiming to increase brand awareness and attract potential new partners.


Campaign Setup

With the main aim for ShareBike being brand awareness and attracting potential new partners they opted to use a mixture of Facebook and Google ads. Targeting a lot of Norway’s most popular newspaper with responsive ads is a great (cost effective) way to build brand awareness. This is also where a lot of potential partners spend their time reading.

Facebook Ad Template

Headline: A complete provider of sustainable mobility


Need help with shared mobility? We deliver a Norwegian mobility solution for companies and cities – complete, affordable and with its own app.

With local and international experience in mobility, we help you with everything from advice to a complete solution – or to organize the fleet you already have. 

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Google Search Ad Template

Headline: Tailored City Bike solution | Bicycle sharing – quick and easy | If you have the bikes, we have the app | Mobility for companies | City bike solutions for everyone | Become car-free with sharing bike

Description: We have the solution you are looking for regardless of vehicle or scope. Complete, affordable and with an app. ShareBike is a complete provider of sustainable mobility. Our solutions are affordable, scalable – and we can offer tailor-made solutions. With local and international experience in mobility, we help you with everything from consulting.

Site link 1: This is how it works
Our App. Our Locations.

Sitelink 2: Solutions
Our Bikes. Business Solutions.


Target audience

Google Keywords:

Sunniva chose a mixture of long-tailed and short-tail keywords that are relevant to bikes, cycling and company offers.

Facebook Audiences:

Sunniva chose to go quite broad with interest groups selecting some of the biggest newspapers in Norway as well as, relevant interests connected with cycling and fitness. I.e. “Forbes” could be an international example of a Facebook interest.

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