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Personal Training & Lifestyle Coaching Template: How to successfully reach people that want a healthier lifestyle

At a glance

Customer Of The Week 🎉 Esther Koole, owner & Personal Trainer at IGOFIT in the Netherlands. IGOFIT is established and driven on the passion to guide people to a healthy, active and energetic life in which a sustainable balance between body and mind is central. 

Here’s how Esther easily produced winning Facebook Ads for her company.


Campaign Setup

Esther’s company has specialized in helping individuals achieve their goals. This target audience is very popular and there are a lot of similar coaches trying to help people in a similar way. To successfully advertise to this group of people, Esther created a targeted campaign that contained interest groups such as “Fitness” or “Health”.


Facebook Ad Copy Template

Headline :  Is Personal Training right for me?


Is Personal Training right for me?

The answer to that is very simple ‘YES ABSOLUTELY’. For every person, a form of personal training is the best way to sustain structural training. Add to that the extra benefits if the personal trainer also provides additional coaching on matters such as daily exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress, etc.

In addition, a personal trainer also helps you start responsibly after a long period of doing nothing.


You know what beauty is, in 4 videos I explain step by step what you can do best after a period of doing nothing.


Watch the 4 free videos here and also receive our EBOOK “How do I get a healthier Lifestyle!”. This Ebook is full of tips on how we look at sleeping better, exercising more, eating healthier and quitting smoking.


Target audience

Facebook Interest Groups:

Broad Interest Groups
Example: “Muscle & Fitness, Health Diet”.

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