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PBBL Moves Ad Budgets to Adline, As They Experience Exceptional Real Estate Sales Surge

Campaign performance

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In the stunning landscapes of Telemark and Vestfold, where the beauty of Norwegian fjords captivates hearts, PBBL (Porsgrunn Bamble Borgestad Boligbyggelag) stands as a beacon of community-driven real estate excellence.

With a robust membership of over 20,000 individuals and management of over 380 housing entities encompassing more than 7,700 homes, PBBL’s impact is profound across 13 municipalities.

At the helm of their marketing strategies is Lars Christensen, the Chief Marketing Officer, who’s recently lifted PBBL’s ad performance by using the Adline software.

Lars, with his finger on the pulse of digital trends, faced challenges with conventional advertising and experienced mediocre results.

– Before Adline, our attempts to engage prospects through traditional channels, and various newspapers were costly, time-consuming & underwhelming, Lars says.

Exceptional ad performance

The shift to Adline was not just a change of platform but a strategic realignment towards efficiency, efficacy, and excellence.

Exceptional campaign performance propelled the decision to shift most of PBBL’s advertising budgets to Adline.

Lars shares…

Lars Christensen, the CMO at PBBL

“The clarity and control we’ve gained over our campaigns, coupled with the intuitive workflow of Adline, have not only improved our advertising results considerably but have also saved us invaluable time.”

– Lars Christensen, CMO at PBBL

Behind the scenes of two successful campaigns

The first campaign focused on move-in-ready homes with breathtaking fjord views! 

The results were remarkable:

An avg. Click-Through Rate (CTR) of 6.54%, generating between 35 to 55 leads, all at an efficient Cost Per Lead (CPL) of NOK 106.

Key campaign metrics

Equally impressive was the “Tollskogvegen II” campaign, which despite its focus on a smaller local audience, managed to sell multiple apartments, a testament to the campaign’s resonating appeal and the Adline targeting.

With 1,449 clicks and a 5.87% CTR from just 24,677 impressions, the campaign efficiency was evident with a total spend of 2,945.09 NOK.

“The volume of traffic and the quality of leads we’ve been able to generate through Adline is exceptional. It’s not just about the numbers but the value and quality of engagement we’re seeing.”

– Lars Christensen, CMO at PBBL

Lars Christensen, the CMO at PBBL

The advertising improvements that PBBL experiences under Lars’s leadership, with Adline as part of their tech stack, are about more than just successful campaigns.

It’s a narrative of community engagement, and a vision for the future that embraces digital transformation — while staying true to the roots of Norwegian heritage.

PBBL’s journey with Adline is a shining example of how digital innovation can propel industries into new realms of success. It highlights how AI ads can be leveraged to not only reach but also engage and convert local audiences into growing communities.

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