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Online Course Ad Template: How To Get More Course Memberships

At a glance

Customer Of The Week 🎉 Jan Lønnemo, Business Owner and Course Creator. Jan has worked in marketing since 1995, and has been the Marketing Manager for the Norwegian bank, Postbanken in 1997. He recently founded “Jegvilhaarbeid“, a company based in Oslo, helping individuals to land their dream job.

Jan is helping individuals at every stage of their job hunt from; sending applications to writing CVs to conducting themselves at an interview. Here’s how Jan promoted his masterclass with winning Facebook and Google Ads for his business, and helped fill up his webinar, as well as his inbox with qualified leads. These results are taken from the first 15 days of the campaign where Jan used roughly $30 per day.


Campaign Setup

Jan is a pro at testing, although he is completely new to advertising. Together with an Adline specialist he looked at different types of ad creatives. Below you see a quick screenshot of the ads which include; Facebook/Instagram Video x 2, Facebook/Instagram Image x 2, 1 responsive ad, 1 google search ad.

Facebook Ad Template

Headline: Job expert shows you how to apply for a job effectively.


Free webinar with job expert Jan Lönnemo that reveals the tricks you need to know to become a better job seeker. Get the recipe for how to find the 40,000 positions that are not advertised in Norway. Stand out from the pile of applications and use a method that has gotten 95% of those that have tried it, back to work.

We help you with:

– How to write an excellent resume

– Procedure for finding hidden positions

– Proper preparation for an interview

Take the first step on the road to your dream job and sign up for our free webinar today!

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Google Search Ad Template

Headline: Become better at Job Searching | Write an excellent resume in 1-2-3 | Don’t forget this in your CV | Smart ways to apply for a job | The tricks that secure you that job

Description: Free webinar with job expert Jan Lönnemo. Get the recipe for how to apply for a job in Norway. Job expert Jan Lönnemo shares an effective application method that has received 95% of users returning to work.

Listen to job expert Jan Lönnemo share which method works best when applying for a job.


Target audience

Google Keywords:

Specific keywords related to “employment course” as well as phrases that are commonly searched for; for example, unemployment and mental health and how to write a good job application.

Facebook Audience(s):

Jan was uncertain which audiences to choose so he opted to allow both Adline and Facebook find this information out for him.

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