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B2B Advertising Template: Making Facebook & Google Ads Your Own Playground

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Making Facebook & Google Your Advertising Playground

Customer Of The Week 🎉 Magne Kronstad, Country Manager (Norway), Maxplay is originally a Danish company that offers a range of different playgrounds. Here’s how Magne easily produced winning Facebook and Google Ads for the Norwegian department, and started to fill up his calendar with inquiries.

Maxplays’ target audience is decision makers at schools, hospitals, sport centers and hotels etc. that want to purchase or improve their current playground offerings.

Here’s how Magne set up an excellent multichannel campaign using Adline to create and manage his advertising across channels.


Campaign Setup

Magne has not really tried Facebook ads before but understands that running a multichannel campaign targeting both potential customers and customers that are ready today, is the best way to advertise now in 2022. Harnessing the power of video he has two Facebook ads, the first is Facebook video and the second is Facebook carousel. He also has two Google search ads that focus on different types of playgrounds; for sports arenas and/or architect drawn playgrounds.

Here’s a quick screenshot of his set up;

Facebook Ad Copy Template

Headline: Do you have a project that we can help you with?

[DESIRED GOAL] Do you have a schoolyard that needs renovation? A housing association where new play equipment is to be set up? Do you already have a playground but it needs a lift?

[OFFER] Maxplay is a total supplier of playgrounds and it is our task to assist you in getting a good result with the most possible play value for the users. Together with our customers, we want to create playgrounds with a good balance between quality, economy and safety that meets our customers’ wishes and expectations.

[YOUR LINK] Get a contribution and an offer here.

Google Search Ad Copy Template

Headline: Make a nature playground | Hvorfor velge naturlekeplass? | Architect designed Playground

Description: Classic playground, Nature playground or a specially designed playground that is unique to you

  • Site link 1: References
    • Earlier Projects. Customer Experiences.
  • Sitelink 2: Contact Us
    • About Us. Get your quote. Get your offer.


Target audience

Google Keywords:

Specific keywords related to their menus as well as keywords that are included in their ads and landing pages (their product name).

Facebook Audience(s):

Magne chose audiences that were largely relevant to playgrounds for his campaign’s interest groups.

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