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Industrial Advertising Template: How Arjan Successfully Targets Industrial Companies

At a glance

Customer Of The Week 🎉 Arjan van Oirschot from the Netherlands. Arjan is the Owner of VOP Bemiddeling, a services company that helps equipment manufacturers outsource their metal production to other countries. This way, they help create margin, simply because the labor costs in these countries they work with are lower.

Arjan is using Adline to reach his target audience and drive growth for his business. He is using Adline to create and manage ads in one place for two of his companies making it easy and efficient for him.


Campaign Setup

Arjan’s company has specialized in helping businesses outsource their metal production. This target audience is very specific. To successfully advertise to this group of people, Arjan created a targeted campaign that contain keywords such as “metal production outsourcing”.

The Search Ads are also including these keywords in the headline, and the ads are linking to relevant landing pages that also include these topics. This way, Arjan receives a high quality score from Google because the ads, landing pages and keywords are matching with each other.

He’s running Google Search Ads with 10+ headlines in the very same ad. This allows Google to automatically test what headlines are working the best;


Google Search Ad Copy Template


Headline 1: Outsourcing Increases Your Margin | Increase your Sales Area

Headline 2: Metal production from abroad | Outsource to Turkey

Ad Description: See how VOP Mediation can Help you with Successful Outsourcing Abroad.


Target audience

Google Keywords:

Highly-targeted keywords with 2 or more phrases.
Example: “Metal production outsourcing”.

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