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How Stefan Scaled His Company To $3.6M In Revenue In 3 Years Using Adline

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Customer Of The Week 🎉  Stefan Özyürek, CEO & Owner at Ditt Uterom AS based in Norway. sells exclusive outdoor solutions and high-end pergolas. In this template of the week, we’re breaking down how Stefan scaled his company from $1 million to $3.6 million in revenue in 3 years using targeted, multichannel ads.

“Adline has been the main source of new leads and customers for the past three years. During these years, we’ve managed to grow our revenues over 3x times to more than $3M in revenue. By using Adline, I’ve easily managed to set up profitable ads and control my advertising in-house. We successfully achieved our vision; to generate new leads as predictable as turning on and off a water tap!” – Stefan Özyürek, CEO at Ditt Uterom AS.


Strategy & Objective; Generate Qualified Leads For The SDRs

Stefan’s objective with the advertising campaign was to generate warm leads to his SDR team (Sales Development Reps) every day. The SDRs then book appointments with the qualified leads to tailor the best solution to the customer as possible.

Here’s how the process looks like;

  1. Create targeted, multichannel ads with a clear offer.
  2. Target relevant product keywords and broad FB interest groups such as “home”.
  3. Send the traffic to a relevant landing page aligned with ad messaging.
  4. Convert traffic to qualified leads, and send to the sales reps.


Campaign Setup

Testing different creatives and angles: One of the keys behind Stefan’s success is his willingness to test different angels, creatives and messaging to different audiences. In the screenshot below, you can see the different ads he has ran as well as some key metrics.

Facebook & Instagram Ads Testing Multiple Creatives & Angles;

Google Search Ads Targeting Product-Related Keywords;

Facebook Ad Copy Template

Headline 1:
Do you dream of having a pergola in the garden?

We spend more and more time at home. Is this the year where you will finally have the dream of a new patio come true?

An outdoor space where you can sit protected from the weather and wind and create unforgettable moments with those you love. Long bright summer evenings where you do not have to check the weather forecast before you ask for a visit.

Does this sound tempting? We are happy to help you.

CTA: Get a tailor-made offer today!


Target audience

  • Google Keywords: Product-related keywords.
  • Facebook Interest Group(s): Home & interior related interest groups.

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