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Fitness Advertising Template: Generate Leads & Memberships For Your Studio

Generate Leads For A Membership Studio

Customer Of The Week 🎉 Douglas Bowman is the owner of BE Martial Arts, fitness studio located in Wisconsin, US. Here’s how Douglas generate leads for his studio by using multichannel advertising on Facebook and Google powered by algorithms


Campaign Setup

Douglas Bowman is using a daily budget of $25, sufficient for a campaign with only two formats.

Facebook Ad Copy

Headline: X Weeks For $XX 👍🏼 Kids Martial Arts Ages 4+

Link Description: Reserve Your Spot Today

Description: Douglas is using long-form ad copy which works really well…


Our 2021 New Year Special is here and we are looking for 20 parents that want to help their child improve their listening skills in our super FUN, High-Energy, Kids Martial Arts Classes.
Aren’t you ready for your kids to get back to normal? [PROBLEM/DESIRE]

Being stuck in your home as long as you have can take a toll on your child’s mind, body and spirit.
So, if you’re more than ready to get your kids out of the house and get them physically active and mentally productive, grab our 4 Week for $49 New Years Special. [AGITATE AND SOLVE]


Here is what you have to look forward to…

💪 A non-stop, action packed class that keeps your child fit & healthy
👂 Improved focus and listening skills
🏅 Crushing goals and overcoming challenges to build confidence

Our 4 weeks for $49 deal is only good for the first 20 people.
Hit the button and reserve your spot today! [REPEAT THE OFFER]



Target audience

Google Keywords:

Specific keywords related to Martial Arts as well as broader terms.


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