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Restaurant Advertising Template: How To Generate Takeaway Orders

At a glance

Customer Of The Week 🎉 Nirmal Joy from Bell Pepper, a takeaway restaurant based in Ireland. Here’s how they generate orders for their locations using multichannel advertising on Facebook and Google powered by algorithms.


Campaign Setup

Nirmal Joy is using a daily budget of €50, which is sufficient for a multichannel campaign with three ad formats. Fantastic job.

Google Search Ad Copy Template

  • Headline: [RESTAURANT] | Thai Restaurant | Healthy Takeaway
    • Description: Order Direct and Save Now With [RESTAURANT]. Healthy Thai Restaurant, [LOCATION].
  • Headline: [RESTAURANT] | Fresh Thai Food | Healthy Takeaway
    • Description: Go on treat yourself. Order direct and save now with [RESTAURANT]. Thai street food restaurant Dublin Waterford. It’s fast authentic, hearty. Order online now.


Target audience

Google Keywords:

Specific keywords related to their menus as well as high-level “thai restaurant” keywords.

Example Facebook Audience(s):
Nirmal has chosen a combination of food interest groups and relevant pages.

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