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B2B Advertising Template: How A Fast-Growing Tech Company Uses Google Ads Successfully

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Google Search Ads For Tech Companies

Customer Of The Week 🎉 Vegard Fladby is Marketing Officer at MazeMap (read about their tech here), a company listed in the Financial Times FT 1000 as one of Europe’s fastest growing tech companies. MazeMap is an innovative digital wayfinding platform, offering solutions for large campuses such as universities, hospitals and more.

MazeMap’s target audience is decision makers at big universities, hospitals and hotels etc. that want to visualize their indoor and outdoor maps using data visualization.

Here’s how Vegard did an excellent product marketing launch using Adline to create and manage their advertising across channels.


Campaign Setup

Vegard Fladby is running a Google campaign that consists of both Responsive Display and Google Search Ads. The Responsive Display Ad is generating the most clicks (3390 clicks), but the search ads are generating way more relevant traffic. Their CTR is high because their ads are relevant to the keywords being searched.

If you have a CTR even over 4%, you should scale those ads until you see the CTR starts to suffer. Because this means you have a lot more results to squeeze out from your campaign.

Here’s a quick screenshot of their set up;

Google Search Ads Template

Headline: Increase student satisfaction? | Digital maps – A necessity | No. 1 rated student service Effortless Campus Navigation

Description 1: Make the student experience better by implementing digital campus maps

Description 2: Students visit numerous different rooms across campuses each day.

  • Site link 1: Effortless Navigation
    Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Wayfinding
  • Sitelink 2: Want to see it in action?


Target audience

Google Keywords:

Product related keywords.

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